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                Billet Surface Temperature Measurement System
                Detailed introduction

                Continuous casting control system design home and abroad has the parameter of billet surface temperature,but it could not realize stable measurement because of 1. the determination difficulty of randomly generated oxide emission rate. 2.interference of water film,water fog. 3.the impacts of high temperature and dust; which are all bring great difficulties to accurate measurement.Therefore, the billet surface temperature measurement has been the un-solved international problem,which is also the reason for the failure of closed-loop control.
                The system innovatively come up with the temperature measurement method of thermal imager,infrared sigle-point thermometer and model coupling filter to solve the above problem. The main contents include 1.eliminate the influence of oxide through filtering algorithm by using high-resolution thermal imager 2.to improve the stability of measurement by matching the measured value and modle-calculated value. 3.Using colorimetric thermometer to calibrate thermal imager to ensure the accrency of the system. The system has applied patent in China,Taiwan,US,Brazil,and Russia, is authorized by China,Russia and sponsored by the national "863" project. The application results show that the system could measure the billet surface accurately,the stability could reach ±7℃,which can be used as feedback control parameters in second cooling water system.

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