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                Liquid Level Measurement System for Molten Steel
                Detailed introduction

                No casting machine worldwide that total up to 1500(500 domestic and 1000 abroad) could measure the liquid level in tundish. The difficult lies in the failure to measure the thickness of cover layer that floats over the molten steel which is a urgent problem to be solved.
                The system first proposed the method of liquid level measurement making use of temperature gradient, in this way, make measurement of liquid level and cover thickness come true.
                The research has applied the national patents in China, Taiwan, Korea,Brazil and India, and authorized by China, while received the support of 863 project research fund.
                Liquid level measurement device has been put into application in several steel mills, and has signed technical cooperation agreement with many domestic steel mills.
                The application results show that the system can achieve accurate and reliable liquid level measurement in tundish, the average deviation of the measured value is ±10mm. Combined with optimization control of end billet, the system could increase the steel yield by 1 ton in each casting sequence, who has a good prospect.

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