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                Parameter Optimization Technology of Electromagnet Stirring
                Detailed introduction

                According to different install positions, electromagnetic stirring of continuous casting can be divided into three categories: the mold(MEMS), secondary cooling zone(SEMS) and the electromagnetic stirring of solidification end(FEMS). Usage of the system is one of the effective technical means to improve the internal quality of the billet, that has received widespread attention and application.  The basic principle is to product electromagnetic force through magnetic field induction,by which improve flow of molten steel,and influence the process of freezing heat transfer inside the billet, thus improving the organization and structure of casting slab and the quality.However, improper use of electromagnetic stirring may also have negative effects,such as the excess strength of stirring effect may lead to slag entrapment,serious negative segregation and other undesirable metallurgical effects, which will casue new quality problems.Therefore,optimization and determination of the electromagnetic stirring parameters is the key to bring positive metallurical effects into full play,while inhibit the negative effects. Electromagnetic stirring parameters include current, frquency and mixing means and time, and so on. The final application result will be confirmed through the examination means like low rating and chemical composition analysis. 
                The technology has passed technical appraisal of Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau in 2006, the technical achievements have been expertized as "domestic advanced level", and was awarded the third prize of “Metallurgical Sience and Technology Advancement” .

                Currently the technology has been put into application in a number of steel mills, who has producing obvious effects and providing strong support in improve the quality of casting billet and develop new steel grade,especiall the high-carbon steel and alloy steel.

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