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                Dynamic Secondary Cooling Optimization and Control System
                Detailed introduction

                In recent years, the development of continuous casting technology requires the  dynamic water distribution and control of the secondary cooling to reach higher and higher levels. Firstly, Due to the constant increase of steel grades, some crack-sensitive steel grades have stricter requirements for the cooling of casting billet. Secondly, being the core technology of the continuous caster, the water flow of the secondary cooling zone should meet the demand of increased casting speed. Finally, according to the need of hot charging and direct hot charging, the secondary cooling water should fulfill the demand of both good quality casting billet and high knockout temperature. For those reasons, Taihe together with the NEU developed the Dynamic Secondary Cooling Water Distribution and Control System for the Continuous Caster. On the basis on the Blackbody Cavity Continuous Temperature Measurement System for Molten Steel in the Tundish and with reference to the structure and process parameters of continuous casters and the various steel grades, a solidification and heat transfer model of casters has been developed for the system, and the control of the dynamic secondary cooling water distribution based on the tundish superheat and the effective casting speed has been realized. A complete package of technologies including the host computer interface and PLC program of the control systems for slab and billet casters and the dynamic water distribution model have been developed. 

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