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                Blackbody Cavity Continuous Temperature Measurement System For Molten Steel
                Detailed introduction

                Signal Processor     Measuring Probe     Ventilation Piple     Measuring Tube     Screen Display

                Principle of product
                Blackbody Cavity Continuous Temperature Measurement System for molten steel (BCT for short, model: BCT-V) is a new type of temperature measurement device, which is researched and developed on the base of research findings of the project of National Natural Science Fund and the dissertation Theoretical Research on Black-Body Radiation Source of Professor Xie Zhi.
                The principle of the temperature measurement system is to immerse the temperature tube into molten steel to sense the temperature. Blackbody cavity temperature measurement probe receives the infrared radiation signal corresponded to temperature of molten steel and transmits the signal to signal processor. Signal processor determines the temperature of molten steel according to online blackbody radiation theory.
                System Features
                a. Realize the continuous temperature measurement of molten steel in tundish.
                b. Realize the continuous measurement of tundish preheating temperature.
                c. Improve the stability and reliability of measurement. Thanks to the fixed measuring position, the system avoids measurement errors and dispersion errors due to manual factors.
                d. Simple and convenient operation.
                e. Cost of continuous temperature measurement is close to that of thermocouple temperature measurement
                a. Continuous and accurate temperature measurement could be achieved by using the product. Thus providing guaranteed temperature detection for the close-loop real-time control of casting speed, the mold adjustment and cooling intensity in secondary cooling zone, which help greatly to improve the continuous caster output and stabilize the product quality.
                b. Provide temperature detecting data for monitoring production process, product quality and analyzing of production accidents through the continuous temperature curve recorded by master monitor computer.
                c. Through the accurate and continuous temperature measurement in tundish, the temperature varying trend could be received in time, thus reducing the breakouts and clogging.
                d. Superheat degree of molten steel could be reduced owing to the accurate continuous temperature measurement and mastered temperature varying regularity.
                e. Monitor the baked temperature of tundish if necessary, which benefits casting and prolonging of tundish service life.
                f. Convenient operation can lessen labor intensity obviously.
                The production could be raised, quality be increased, material consumption be decreased and the producing process be stabilized with continuous temperature measurement for molten steel. So continuous temperature measurement for molten steel is of great significance and benefits in different aspects.



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