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                2008 China Steel Industry Technology Forum May 12-14 at the grand opening in Hangzhou
                Time:2011/5/23  Hits:2526

                May 12 to 14 by the Research Institute of Metallurgical Industry Information Standards sponsored the "2008 China Steel Industry Technology Forum" was solemnly held in Hangzhou, China Steel Industry Association executive vice president Luo meeting and made an important report. Forum "Iron and Steel Industry Environment Strategy" as its theme, from Baosteel, Anshan Steel, Wuhan Steel, Shougang iron and steel enterprises and research institutes such as the nearly 200 delegates attended the forum.

                Research Institute of Metallurgical Industry Information Standards address to the Forum, President Zhang Yuchun, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group Chairman Tong Yunfang welcoming address. Zhang Yuchun president said in his speech: In recent years, China's steel industry in the country under the guidance of the major policies, develop environmental economics, in energy saving tremendous progress has been made, but the environmental standards in China's steel industry compared with foreign countries there is a considerable gap between the Research Institute of Metallurgical Industry Information Standards will play an integrated technology and information industry research strengths, to build a strategic platform for the steel industry to play an active role in the environment.

                China Steel Industry Association executive vice president Luo done at the forum entitled "thoroughly implement the scientific development concept and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly steel industry," the special report. Luo president stressed in the report, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly steel industry is the industry's major strategic task is the development of the strategic needs of the industry is a national strategy of sustainable development on the objective requirements of the industry. President of Romania to carry out China's steel industry confirmed the positive progress in energy conservation, noting that the current total energy consumption, increased dust emissions and energy saving advanced technology penetration is not high, do the following key tasks required : First, we must change the concept of development and fulfill corporate social responsibility; second is to optimize and adjust the structure, and promote structural resource conservation and environmental protection; The third is to a great scientific and technological support, and improve the energy efficiency of the popularity of advanced technology rate; fourth is to create a clean conduct extensive production and environment-friendly enterprises; fifth is to strengthen and improve energy conservation, environmental indicators and the target responsibility system.

                China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Director of Technology & Environment Department Director Huang, Research Institute of Metallurgical Industry Li-Min Wang, vice president of information standards, Beijing University of Technology Dr. Cheng Xiangli, MCC Professor Sun Shushan Building Research Institute, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group Corporation Shu Liping, deputy general manager of Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group Co Wang Guiming secretary, Wuhan Urban Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Fan Feiyong forums around the themes of Ministers made a wonderful speech.

                Forum by the Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Company and the world metal concrete contractor & Agency, and with China Metallurgical Construction Group, Beijing, China Metallurgical Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., Wuhan Urban Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. support.

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