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                China's steel industry in the next 10 years, promising
                Time:2011/5/23  Hits:2588

                According to the industrialization process of developed countries, the world's major domestic steel companies and steel companies compared the profitability of steel companies in China higher than the international average level. Therefore, the reason to believe that in the next decade, the Chinese steel industry promising.
                From the United States, Japan, Britain, the former Soviet Union and other countries in the process of industrialization, industrialization process requires a large number of steel products as a support. 1901 to 2000, total U.S. steel consumption of 71 million tons, Japan was 38 million tons, the former Soviet Union 56 million tons, while China is only 1.9 billion tons over the same period. The Republic of Korea (1970 ~ 1980), Japan (1956 ~ 1970), compared with China during the heavy chemical industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, mining and other heavy chemical industry business cycle of a continuing nature, apparent consumption of crude steel quick growth, but concern is growing in the heavy chemical industry in the long period also fell short. Such as Japan, the economic growth rate in 1958,1962,1965 had slipped to 5% to 6%, while the Sanyo Special Steel in 1965, Hill a series of securities, and other big companies closing down or bankruptcy.
                China is currently in heavy industry during the "world's manufacturing center" position to make some capital-intensive mass consumption of steel products (including automobile, shipbuilding, electrical equipment, heavy machinery, precision machinery, etc.) transfer to the domestic manufacturing capacity, consumption, upgrades, and the acceleration of urbanization process in China to make long-term, rapid development of the real estate industry, and the consumption of the steel industry, the total consumption of about 85%. Among them, the real estate, auto industry growth path determines the growth path of steel. GDP per capita and housing, demand for cars is a first concave relationship between kyphosis of the curve. Therefore, the next ten years, real estate, automotive steel consumption will continue to drive rapid growth in demand.
                Chinese steel enterprises already have a considerable size advantage, cost and technology advantages. In 2003 the world steel production capacity by 100 top companies in steel, 20 steel companies in China have entered the top 100 steel-producing capacity, including Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel were ranked 6 and 20. 2004 World Steel Dynamics Corporation (WSD) ranking list of world-class steel companies worldwide total of 22 major steel companies, steel companies in China accounted for 4. South Korean Pohang Iron and Steel Company was consolidated score 817 points, ranked first in international competition; China's Baoshan Iron and Steel Company was 7.71 points, third place; Maanshan Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Jiangsu Sha Steel were awarded 6.92 points, 6.88 points and 6.19 points , turn out the sixth, eighth and fourteenth.
                Therefore, the reason to believe that two decades later, some Chinese steel companies will become the world's steel structure in the first group, Baosteel likely to become "Pohang second."
                International experience shows that in the heavy and chemical industries and the rapid economic development during the period of sharply rising steel price have gone through: the last century in the U.S. heavy industry during the three to four decades, there have been hot steel stocks. Japanese steel industry has experienced exponential trend of rapid increase in 1972. Nineties of the 20th century U.S. economic growth, high growth performance of the company Nucor (especially in 1992 ~ 1995), Nucor shares rose rapidly.
                Profit from the international competitiveness of South Korean Pohang most, a good growth of the U.S. Nucor, the recession of the Japanese Nippon Steel and China's strong profitability Baosteel, Wuhan Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel can be seen after comparing: Baosteel In 2000 many new scale production capacity, the gross margin 32% higher than the Pohang; Wuhan Iron and Steel's gross margin is always higher than Nucor, in 2002 after more than Nippon Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel after the listing, and the overall gross margin will be increased to level of around 26% (2004); AISC the overall level of gross margin is better than Nucor, the basic comparable with Nippon Steel.

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