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                Building materials such
                Time:2011/5/23  Hits:2056

                National Development and Reform Commission's Bureau of Economic Operations 1 May run series of reports revealed the economy, steel and nonferrous metals output growth rate dropped ten in more than 10% year on year, while the building materials industry also showed an increase of the yield down trend. The report also highlighted specific materials such as cement and flat glass products increased significantly decreased.

                From the specific data, 1 May, the country produced 216.11 million tons of steel, an increase of 18.63 million tons, an increase of 9.4%, an increase of 10.5 percentage points down year on year; ten kinds of nonferrous metal production 10.2 million tons, an increase of 12.2%, an increase of down 11.4 percentage points.

                Tsinghua University, China and World Economy Research Center, Yuan Gangming to data on the "Business News" analysis that these major industry can be regarded as the leading macroeconomic indicators. View from the steel industry in recent years, the increase in production over the same period are much higher than the GDP, "the general increase in more than 20% growth in the past few months is obviously low." He said.

                The view from the building materials industry, the NDRC report said production was down trend growth. Industrial output growth in the first quarter, building materials 34.6,1 ~ April and 1 May showed a downward trend. The industrial added value growth in the first quarter, building materials 22.7%, followed by two month growth rate to fall, and was significantly lower than a year ago.

                In early July the State Information Center released a "China Economic Monitoring and Early Warning Report" shows that in May this year, a comprehensive reflection of the macroeconomic situation of the coincident composite index has dropped slightly for 7 months, describing the leading index of future economic trends continue down the economic boom was the trend of highs, indicating relatively fast shift the risk of overheating the economy basically removed.

                "Now the economic slowdown has been basically established, our concern is that the economy will decline, which is now before the present macro-control problem." Yuan Steel ming.

                National Development and Reform Commission, Institute of Economic System and Management Research Assistant Room macro to run yesterday, Choi Jun Kong to accept the "Business News" interview, said, look at the overall macro-economic, steel and building materials production growth also declined, real estate, automotive and other downstream industries of contraction.

                In addition to decline in production growth, the NDRC report also noted that the operation, these three sectors are currently subject to the upstream raw material prices of the storm. Steel prices over the same period the rise, but also to withstand the upward pressure on iron ore. But the color and building materials industry as demand slowed, prices have declined, but in raw material prices continue to rise, under the premise has led the industry's profits fell.

                The flat glass, for example, production and use of heavy oil, soda ash and other prices also continued to rise year on year. Coupled with price, oil prices upwards, transport costs, the NDRC report said these factors will make energy prices and other external conditions and transport of building materials rely on large production costs increase, short-term decline in profitability, the industry continue to face greater pressure to improve economic efficiency.

                In fact, the price of steel products began to fall. China United Steel Net, according to the latest information shows that plate prices in the past two years has been rising at a steady situation, especially the first half of this year, accelerating the pace of price increases, rose by more than in any previous year. After entering the year in June, the market finished lower price began to appear the situation.

                "If the second half of the demand for downstream industries including real estate has slowed down, then the production of steel building materials prices will not rise too high, the capacity will not be as severe as the previous period, it will stabilize, but the regulation If you continue to tighten policy, but also make economic growth continued to slow, turn down the risk. "Yuan Steel ming.

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