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                Large-scale investment and construction company
                Time:2011/5/23  Hits:2517

                I currently have with the Shenyang Construction Company in the Shenyang Le Conte signed a construction contract, the amount of investment is 54 million yuan, in the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 20 North Road, No. 26, covering 30 acres, building area of ​​12,786.51 square meters. Companies investing in the development of new plant, based on scientific research, production as one of the intensive industrialization project base. This project was April 18, 2008 groundbreaking, the company leadership to the scene to congratulate and earth foundation for enterprises to the new plant is expected to November 1, 2008 fully completed.

                My company is currently the largest measurement and control system equipment, instruments and other production and supply of metallurgical projects, one of the infrared radiation thermometer enterprise products have passed China, the United States, Brazil, Russia and other countries as well as the patent in Taiwan certification.

                Company said construction of its own property rights, plant, production and management can create a more stable external environment to address the impact of capacity expansion, but also to meet the needs of the company development plan stage to ensure the implementation of various projects on schedule. After the completion of the new plant will allow businesses to expand production scale, the development of further accelerated.

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