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                Tel: +86-24-25780316 83992716
                Fax: +86-24-83992920
                Zip Code: 110024
                Email: taihe@promeins.com


                About us

                Shenyang Taihe Metallurgical Measurement and Control Technologies Co., Ltd. specializes in measurement and control, the development, production and sale of instruments in metallurgy. The company has a highly professional, experienced and well structured team with professors, doctors, masters, and senior engineers as the key part. It has a close relation with the Northeastern University which has been engaged in the theoretical and technological research on infrared radiation temperature measurement since 1978, especially on blackbody radiation source and blackbody cavity theory which ranks in an advancing position across the world. In recent years, the theoretical problem on Non-isothermal Blackbody Cavity has also been solved.

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