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                Shenyang Taihe Metallurgical Measurement and Control Technologies Co., Ltd. specializes in measurement and control, the development, production and sale of instruments in metallurgy. The company has a highly professional, experienced and well structured team with professors, doctors, masters, and senior engineers as the key part. It has a close relation with the Northeastern University which has been engaged in the theoretical and technological research on infrared radiation temperature measurement since 1978, especially on blackbody radiation source and blackbody cavity theory which ranks in an advancing position across the world. In recent years, the theoretical problem on Non-isothermal Blackbody Cavity has also been solved.

                Prof. Xie Zhi of the Northeastern University has been dedicated to the theoretical research on blackbody cavity radiation all along, engaged in theoretical research, field experiment, and transformation of technological results with his scientific researchers for nearly 20 years, and then finally succeeded in developing the Blackbody Cavity Continuous Temperature Measurement System for molten steel, based on the Blackbody Cavity Radiation Theory. This technology has been granted with National Award for Technological Invention (the Second Prize) 2005, and many other scientific and technological prizes by the formal Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Ministry of Education, and China Instrument and Control Society, and has been patented in China, the United States, and Russia. A production line for the Blackbody Cavity Continuous Temperature Measurement System for molten steel has been built. At present, the system has been applied to more than 100 casters in the domestic and overseas markets, and contributes to the advancement and development of related technologies in the metallurgical industry.

                The research fields cover the measurement of metallurgical complex parameter, production process modeling and optimizing control, among which such technologies as Dynamic Water Distribution Control System for the Secondary Cooling in the Continuous Casting, Electromagnatic Stirring Technology for the the Continuous Casting, Slag Detecting Technology for the Ladle, and Slag Detecting Technology for the Tapping of Converter have been developed and applied for the iron and steel industry.

                 Shenyang Taihe Metallurgical Measurement and Control Technologies Co., Ltd. works closely with the Northeastern University for long for transforming research results of theoretical innovation into practical technologies and products, and continuously merging new technologies and materials into products to reinforce good quality and reliability.

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